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CHILDREN BETWEEN THE AGES OF 5 AND 8 CAN PLAY SPLATMASTER (Currently only available at Centurion Paintball)

Separate indemnity form for SplatMaster


SPLATMASTER includes the rental of gun and mask, 5 games, Safety Marshall. 


Maximum of 20 players per game.

We unfortunately also do not let children older than 8 to join the game for the younger kids safety.


A pump action shotgun that works with a spring, is easy to use and has smaller paintballs

(.50 calibre) that does not shoot as fast as a paintball gun as no COշ is required. Our safety marshal helps the kids load the gun and take the safety off and ensures that the barrel plug is on whilst the gun is not in use.


Should you wish to review how the JT SplatMaster Z200 pump action gun works, please see the following YouTube videos.


JT Splatmaster Field Testing

​Review: JT Splatmaster z200 Shotgun. Mini Paintball Blaster, NO CO2 Needed

JT Splatmaster Field Testing

JT Splatmaster z200 Shotgun

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