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We mostly use this as a game suggestion. The original game dates way back to 1981 when paintball first started.


Groups get divided into two teams, every team must take their opponent's flag and return

to their side to win the game (without getting tagged by a paintball). 


Two uneven teams get divided up. The team with less players has a bit of an advantage to not get eliminated as easily from the game. Let the Zombie hide somewhere on the field. Let the other players go onto the field and go look for the Zombie, they must not be shot by the Zombie, if they get shot they become a Zombie.


Zombies can convert players from the other team into Zombies by marking them with a paintball.The Zombies have more advantages, it carries on like this until there is only one person remaining. The remaining human is the winner. Zombies cannot become human at all, only humans can become Zombies.



When paint is low and players are tired, you get more rest time and get to use up less paint. The usual elimination process is followed by two even teams, A and B. A third team of equal force, C, stays on the side lines. When most of the players from team A and team B get eliminated and are equal to the force of team C, then only does team C join the game and play against the remaining players of team A and team B who turn to fight the common foe.


Eliminated players from team A and team B form a new team on the side line and joins the game again once the eliminated players from the game increase in numbers. Surviving members of all the previous teams ally against each new team, coming in from the side lines until either a big enough amount of players or until most of the players that were eliminated have run out of paint, stamina or gas and then only  will re-join the game as a new team.


The players who win are either the ones who were originally eliminated the least few times or by the marks on their hands made by the side line marshal each time they were eliminated or the surviving members of the "oldest" team still play to win with the marks on their hands.

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