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Q: How old do you have to be to play paintball?

The minimum age is 8 years old for paintball

5 to 8 year olds can play SplatMaster 


Q: What is SplatMaster (mini paintball)?

Junior paintball or low impact guns that work with a spring and a much smaller paintball, that does not shoot as hard as a paintball gun that works with gas or air. It works the same as paintball, whereby the players are on the paintball field, they are first shown how to load and use the gun and get a few rounds of target shooting before going onto the field and start to play. They are assisted by a Safety Marshall who helps them load the guns and ensures they do not take their masks off, safety is our main priority. 

Q: Does it hurt when you get shot?

It does sting when you get shot but it is all part of the fun of playing paintball, you get the war wounds to show for it. Our gun speed (chronograph) is much lower than what it should be as most of our business consists of kids birthdays and we would not want to kids to get hurt so badly that they do not come back.


Q: What does your packages include?

Each package includes the amount of paintballs you choose according to the package, overall jackets and pants are provided to wear, all air fills are included, 2.5 hours of playing paintball that get divided up into 5 rounds.  


Q: How long do you play on a field?

You average on about 15 to 20 minutes per field.

Q: Do I need to be part of a group or can I just come play paintball on my own?

We do suggest that you come as a group, at least 6 to 8 players so that you can form teams, the more the merrier, the more fun you will have. You can come on your own but we then suggest that you do target shooting as we cannot guarantee there will be another group on that day or that you will be able to join them, it will have to be up to you to ask them if you can join. 


Q: Do I need to book?

We please ask that you do make a booking 2 weeks to a month in advance to avoid disappointment, 48 hours at the latest Weekends are mostly fully booked, Saturdays are our busiest days and spaces fill up quickly. Bookings of 20+ ideally require two weeks’ to a month notice in advance. You can either fill in our booking request form, call or e-mail or send us a message via any of the communication channels.


Q: Do you accept cash?

Unfortunately, we do not accept cash under any circumstances, we are a cashless environment. Credit and or debit cards, EFT payments are welcome. No cheques accepted.


Q: Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes, we do ask for a holding deposit to reserve your space and confirm your booking. Holding deposit amount will be subtracted from the total amount owing. Required deposit amounts are as follows:

Groups <7: Full payment upfront

Groups <10: R300 

Groups 10>: R500

Groups 20+: R500 holding deposit & 60% of total amount owing 


Q: Can I pay on the day?

Once the holding deposit was paid to confirm your booking, we prefer that the balance be paid before arrival. If not, you can pay the total amount outstanding on the day of the booking. NO CASH accepted. Only card and EFT payments. Walk-ins (day of) can pay on the day. 


Q: Do you offer group discounts?

We do have a Special Group Rate for large groups. Please enquire for more information, we will do our best to accommodate you and meet your needs. 


Q: Can I bring my own guns and paintballs?

You can bring your own, markers (guns) will be chronographed to not exceed the speed of 300fps. A Range Fee of R80 will be charged for bringing your own gun to make use of our facilities. Unfortunately, we do not allow any other paintballs and ask that you buy from us. Please see the prices for paintball batches available. 


Q: How many people do I need to play?

A minimum requirement of 6 to 8 players is suggested to be able to form teams. 


Q: How soon can we book a game?

Less than 5 players: 48 hours or walk-in

5-20 players: 48 hours-2 weeks 

20+ players: 1 month or 2 week notice


Q: Can I play two session back-to-back?

You can, we charge per player per session so please do book in advance if you want to play two consecutive sessions. 


Q: How do I get there?

We are down the road from Eco Park Estate, on the corner of Nellmapius Drive and Olievenhoutbosch Road, close to Midstream and not too far from Fleisherei Factory, directly opposite the massive We Buy Cars Midstream.




Q: What facilities do you have?

We have a small shop that sells cool drinks, chocolates and Smarties on the premises. There is a gas bottle and kettle available should you wish to boil water to make tea or coffee (please bring your own along with bottled water).

Braai facilities available at no additional cost: we only provide the braai stand so you please need to bring your own charcoal and firelighters, tongs etc. Unfortunately, we do not have someone to braai for you as it is self-catering.

Large communal area under cover, furnished with picnic tables and benches (each tables seats 8 players).  

We sell paintballs to the public and refill gas and air canisters as well. 


Q: Can I bring my own food?

You are welcome to bring your own eats and drinks, there are no additional charges. Alcohol is allowed, we just do not sell any. 


Q: Do I get a table where I can setup and pack out my eats and drinks?

Each booking gets a reserved table for the session that they booked (2.5 hours) according to the amount of players that will be playing, you can setup the table before the time. Maximum of 2 tables per booking. We allow for a half an hour change over from one session to the other when the setup can be done. 


Q: Can parents and other family members join on the day, is there a cover charge?

Other parents and or family members can join on the day, there is no cover charge. We do however ask that you bring additional seating for them (camping chairs) as the seating is unfortunately only provided for the paintball players for the session that is booked. 


Q: What should I wear?

Comfortable clothes and shoes to run in, thick pants such as jeans or chinos as you mostly get shot on the legs. Winter and Spring, long tops. Summer, t-shirts. Not the best clothes in case of stains, the overalls provided are thin. Our paint dries in the sun as a powder and does not easily stain, but let’s not say “never”. 

Q: What time should we arrive?

Usually 10 to 15 minutes before the session starts is more than enough time to get dressed and go through the safety briefing, if you would like to make provision for someone that might be late rather suggest that your guests come 30 minutes before the session starts. 


Q: How many games will I play, how long is a session?

Five games on the four different fields that we have, the field that you liked the best will be repeated on the 5th round. You play for 2.5 hours. There are breaks in between should you wish to have refreshments or have a bite to eat. 


Q: Will there be an instructor with us?

Each group is allocated a Safety Marshall who will regulate the game, make sure that no one takes their mask off, everyone obeys the rules and no one gets shot too much. Safety is key, but above all else that everyone still has fun, we make sure you are protected. 


Q: Do we play with strangers?

No, each group plays on their own. The booking will be as it was made, the players that they booked for, we will not just let anyone else play with you. It is up to you whether you would like someone else to join in your game. 


Q: What happens if it rains?

You can still play paintball, it is just a bit messier. The only time we would stop the game is when there is thunder for everyone’s safety as you play amongst the trees, the guns itself do not pose a risk as they are made out of aluminium.


If you choose to not play if it rains, please let us know and we will postpone your booking to a later date. 


If we haven’t answered any of your questions above, please feel free to

e-mail us or call 082 381 0574 and we’ll be happy to help.

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